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Always make secure to keep encrypted copies of your wallet.dat file

This provides protection from wallet-stealing, viruses and trojans as well as a sanity check before sending payments.

Don’t send anyone your wallet.dat file

Since the transactions are irreversible, make sure that you are sending your coin to the correct address before sending them.

Desktop New wallet 1.3 download links

The desktop wallet is a newer wallet and has a smooth graphic interface with simplified user controls making it easy to use. This also features newer HD addresses protected by a 24 word mnemonic phrase which allows a user to easily recover the wallet. The wallet also features enhanced security features making it a great wallet to store your hard earned ECA.

QT wallet download links

The QT wallet was the first wallet released by the Electra Project. It is a classic QT style wallet that features a little more user control (such as coins control) and is well suited for more tech savvy users. A great option for classic blockchain wallet fans.

Paper wallet download

Classic paper wallet, without ui, only for blockchain enthusiasts and geek guys!

Mobile wallets download

Android and iOS wallet now in develop and released so soon!