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What is Electra

The Electra Project is a decentralized and open-sourced community driven cryptocurrency. Known by its market ticker as ECA, Electra is a cryptocurrency that operates on its own blockchain. The ECA blockchain is based on the ultra-fast and super-secure NIST5 algorithm which means that all your coin transfers are sent and received much more quickly than most of the other coins on the market. Electra’s transaction speed is a big deal in the crypto world.

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PoS Powerhouse

Electra works on proof-of-stake with an annual return of 2.5%

Blazing Fast

Electra has blazing fast transactions on the blockchain

Community Driven

Here at Electra we love our community. No CEO’s, No ICO. Electra is driven by you!

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Atomic Swaps

An atomic swap is a direct trade between two different coins running on two seperate blockchains; there are no centralized-exchange websites or other third-parties required for this trade.


is a free, easy to use, payment system that utilizes a new type of peer-to-peer money exchange called ‘blockchains’. These blockchains are composed of networks of computers that all work together to send and receive little bits of money we call Electra.

Lightning Network

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Proof of Stake


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